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 photo SundaySummary_zps4hdj0bh0.jpg This week saw me at my desk, trying to make words appear on paper for my dissertation. I swore I wouldn't let it consume my life, but it's strange how it happens - I guess because you're writing about something you've chosen yourself and are really interested in. It might be hard work but I do enjoy researching for it!

I was looking back through my photos and found a few from Brussels (where I spent half of my year abroad) still on there. This was taken at the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken - beautiful greenhouses next to the royal palace in Brussels, and open only for a few weeks every year! This year it's between the 17th of April - 8th of May, so if you're in the area I recommend taking a trip!

Today I did possibly one of the last things I would ever have pictured myself doing, and also one of my biggest achievements - I ran a 10k! I was always the person who would avoid doing the 800m in school, and the treadmill used to be my biggest enemy, so to manage to run the whole thing was great in itself, but I managed to do it in under an hour which I'm so proud of (I was fully expecting more of a 1h30 kind of time!).

And this, my bed, is where I plan to spend the rest of my day! Cosy, warm and snuggled up under blankets watching The Bachelor.

What have you been up to this week?

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