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 photo BlogUpdate1_zpsxqpovbjz.jpg The last few months have been pretty intense, to say the least! This year was my fourth and final year at university, and at the beginning of April if not a little before, the workload intensified with dissertation, essays and exams all hitting in the months up until now. Focusing so much on uni work left this little corner of the internet a little neglected, but I knew that I would be kicking myself if I didn't put my all into my final exams and essays. I wanted my dissertation to be the best it could be, as I was really interested in what I was writing about (and still am, and will never think I did it justice, there is always that 'could have done better' feeling I think - I don't know anyone who is 100% satisfied with their dissertation, no matter how hard I work I always think I could have done more!) - so didn't want a single distraction at the time. It's easy to get very sucked into academic things in your final year (as in any other year!) when everything seems to matter so much, and I'm not afraid to say that with hindsight, I think I went a little too far and stressed out a little too much, which certainly hindered my ability to think clearly. Sometimes, being slightly more relaxed can be the best possible thing to to, which is much much easier said than done! However, one sunny Saturday a few weeks ago I wrote my last exam and have spent the last few weeks trying to adjust back to not feeling guilty for sitting and reading a book, or catching up on tv shows (Game of Thrones anyone?!), or doing absolutely nothing...If you're still going with exams, good luck!!

In other news, this Summer I'll be going to Barcelona for 3 months for an internship which I am so excited about! I fell in love with Barcelona last year when I went for a week for Sonar festival, not a long time I know but I'm really excited to get to know the city better, to learn Spanish and eat all the food. For now, I'm looking forward to being at home for a while, working and spending some time getting this blog back to how I want it to be!

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