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Every so often it seems, Glamour offers a full size Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner as its free extra (this has happened twice now in my memory, meaning you essentially pay £2 for both magazine and eyeliner which is normally worth in excess of £10) - an offer way too amazing to refuse! Eyeko is one of those brands I hear amazing things about - anything used by Alexa Chung on her eyes is OK with me!! - yet remains relatively unexplored on my part, probably for the simple fact that they aren't stocked in any shops near me. So, having now come to the end of yet another free sample tube of their Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, is this going to change?

First things first, I love the packaging. Sleek, silver and easy to use, it gets top marks from me as I love the more minimalistic style. A felt tip style eyeliner (my favourite for ease of use), the tip is really pointy which makes it easy to get a very precise and clean line, something I would say is one of its major plus points - over a month or two of use, I don't find that the nib gets 'blunter' at all - it doesn't bend and basically just stays really pointed! I know how annoying it is to use a pen style eyeliner for a few weeks before it starts to become impossible to get that nice sharp cat eye flick, so a gold star to this for making it easy!

In terms of application, this is a dream - going on smoothly and coming out a really opaque and 'black' black. The name of Skinny Eyeliner is definitely apt, as it's so easy to get a really precise, thin line with this - something I struggle to find with other eyeliners. I do find that I need to keep it stored upside down to make sure it doesn't dry up, and one negative I do have about this is that its life span doesn't seem to be as long as my current makeup bag staple, Collection's felt tip liner - the Eyeko eyeliner does seem to run out a lot faster, although I am keeping mine upside down this time and hoping that will make a difference!

Retailing at £12, I've just had a look on Eyeko's website and this now boasts a new and improved formula, whilst the packaging seems to have changed to black, so I'd be intrigued to give it a go now! There's also a duo of the product available on QVC for £14, which for £2 extra seems worth taking advantage of. After using this twice now, both times thanks to Glamour, I can definitely see why people rave about Eyeko as this really does make applying my eyeliner much easier. Having said all of this, I just can't bring myself to splash out over £10 on a product which isn't a huge amount better than one which comes in at under a fiver (see here). Whilst the precision and opacity of the Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner is brilliant and gives it an edge, making it honestly a better product in itself, for my student/soon to be even smaller graduate budget I just can't justify the price difference.

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