Sunday Summary | Insta-Catchup #5

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It's been a pretty hectic week or two, with lots of work and trying to get organised for Barcelona - sometimes I've felt like I've had too many things to think about and I'm always so worried I'll forget something! Drinks outside in the sunshine have been a lovely break and these Booja Booja ginger truffles are just amazing. Ever since going dairy free a few months ago I've been wanting to try them so when I found them on Approved Food for under £3 I had to get them.
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Throwback to Morocco, I can't believe it was 2 years ago since I went as it really does seem like just yesterday! This was a trip which changed a lot for me and spurred me on to go and work in Budapest, so I'll always remember it no matter how much time goes by. More chilled sunny evenings by the chiminea, it looks from this like we've had quite a few but I can assure you that there have only been two or three actually warm evenings and we've made the most of every one!
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I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy Eat, Pray, Love - but it's absolutely amazing! So readable and each section is like reading a whole new book. This will give you a major desire to travel and I highly recommend it, I'm only halfway through but it's already a new favourite. I absolutely love this quote, and could not agree more: "now is as good a time as any" - words to live by!

Hope you've had a wonderful week.

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