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Suede seems to be everywhere at the moment, and I'm loving the 70s vibe. A suede skirt is one of those things I never thought I would want, but a switch has been turned on and now it is all I can think about getting my hands on!

I haven't tried out any dairy free yoghurt or ice cream alternatives since cutting it out in February: it's been a few months, Summer is on its way, and I have some serious cravings. Booja Booja is a brand I've heard great things about and having recently tried their ginger truffles am definitely keen to see what else they have to offer...

This is just the cutest necklace - origami jewellery looks so unique and minimalistic, and whilst I've seen a lot of bird designs around, I have completely and utterly fallen for this Pegasus option.

This was recommended to me on a recent #bbloggers Twitter chat and it just sounds like perfection in a bottle. A tan which you can adjust to suit your own skin, which is gradual and you just mix in with your moisturiser? Sold!

By far my favourite on today's wishlist, this is the most gorgeous crop top - I'm in love with the bardot shape and the lacy detailing.

Having glimpsed this on Twitter (which I am rapidly beginning to blame for my ever growing wishlist and shrinking bank balance), I've become convinced it's the perfect nail colour. Rose gold...nail polish?! Just ideal.

Basic sandals are a summer essential: the simple and clean design of these is gorgeous and the price is not too shabby either! With Barcelona rapidly approaching these are sure to find their way into my wardrobe as a "necessary work item".

Spending so much time at a screen every day is something I'm sure we are all a bit guilty of, and I do find my eyes straining at the end of a particularly laptop heavy day, so I'm really interested by these glasses which claim to block out the harmful rays of your screen to protect your eyes. I've googled eye protecting alternatives and they generally look like pro-welding goggles or similar, so to find some that actually look nice is a massive winner + I'd be intrigued to see if they work! If nothing else, finally a legit excuse to wear glasses (right?).

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