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I've been obsessing over all things home decor related recently (my Pinterest boards are rapidly becoming dominated by beautiful interiors). I feel like adding simple accessories can make such a difference, this faux fur rug looks so cosy.

Winter isn't showing any signs of being over just yet, so scarfs and snuggly knitwear are still necessities as far as I'm concerned. My friend has this classic grey scarf from Topshop, and it's so gorgeous - simple and understated. I feel like scarfs can bring so much to an outfit, I'm in love with this one!

Rose gold jewellery is so beautiful, this criss cross ring is a lovely piece to brighten up a rainy day! Treat yo'self has been my motto lately, and I think I'll be applying it again in persuading myself it's ok to buy this.

How gorgeous is this underwear set?! Topshop are really hitting the mark with their lingerie collection at the moment, I love the delicate colour and material, as well as the straps across the front.

Edison bulbs are a total obsession of mine at the moment, I see them everywhere and they're just so cute, something a little bit different from your bog standard light bulb! My only concern is that they don't give off enough light, if anyone has any in their home let me know if this is the case.

Since getting my Olympus pen e-pl7 a few weeks ago, I've been thinking about getting a case to keep it snug and safe. Olympus do the most beautiful leather one, to look at it you would never ever guess it was a camera bag.

A simple copper glass frame is the perfect way to display dried flowers, or any little photos or bits and bobs which you want to take centre stage (I find normal photo frames to be a bit overpowering sometimes). Cox and Cox do a beautiful range, but this one from M&S is equally lovely and slightly more budget friendly.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely could put her name and face to a range of bin bags and I'd buy them, so it's no surpise that her new make up line for M&S is topping my beauty lust list. The rose gold packaging is on point, it reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury's range, and the shades & products all look stunning. This lipstick looks like the perfect nude.

What's on your wishlist at the moment?

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